From One Parent to Another - My Father and I made this for You

My name is Carina, and I am a wife, mother to a beautiful 2 year old named Judah, and owner and operator of my own architecture practice in Los Angeles, Studio BWA.

 I thought I’d start at the beginning, the actual inception of the Noni Crib. It’s a special story to me, but it’s also one that I think a lot of mothers and fathers will be able to relate to, as it all began with the first solo trip I ever took with my son.

When my son, Judah, was about two months old, I was prepping to take him to visit my family in Tucson, Arizona for a week. Matt, my husband, was traveling abroad for work that same week.   I was very excited to spend a full week with my parents, my sister and her family as well as my brother, and his family.  But to say I wasn’t a complete stress case at the idea of [1] dealing with LAX and a flight alone with a 2 month old (what if he had a diaper explosion? what if I had to pee- where would I put him? how would I fold the stroller and put it through security with one hand?!!?) and [2] the reality that he would not sleep in a travel crib (any of them!), was really putting me in a slow burn panic.  I was already sleep deprived and the thought of a whole week without my husband to help me through the night while Judah wailed, was giving me major anxiety.

 My solution? I hop on the phone with my Dad, and I ask him to do me a favor and please run by Target and pick up an inexpensive crib, so that I could rest easy knowing that my baby would, too. Just like my Dad, he answered with a simple yet satisfying answer, “I’ll take care of it.”

 When I arrived after what seemed like an eternity of a travel day (really it was a 30 min drive to the airport, 2 hours at the airport and a 1 hour 45 min flight- not to mention a half day of figuring out how to pack an entire baby supply store in a small roller that I could lift with one hand whilst still holding my baby with the other, but it felt like an eternity), I walked in to find a very cool looking crib. I told my parents that I was impressed that they were able to find such a nice one. (I wasn’t expecting they would invest in such a nice crib- it was just going to be one of those that we painstakingly put together and take apart whenever I was in town.) That’s when my Dad stopped me, he didn’t buy it. He made it. Actually, to be perfectly clear, he invented it.  

 Through my fog of exhaustion, he showed me how it assembled and disassembled in only a couple minutes. As my dad talked, I remember thinking about the time- only a few months before- that my husband and my in laws put together our crib at home.  It had so many parts and took the 3 of them many hours to figure out.  In the end, they had 6 bolts (6!) left over.  I thought for sure my baby was in danger.  I couldn’t sleep at night thinking he might be unsafe.

 In that very moment, I was so exhausted that the brilliance of the idea didn’t immediately hit me.  It was several months later, when we were coming for another visit, that I realized there was nothing like this on the market.  First, my dad (also an architect) hand made it in his shop in Tucson, Arizona.  If you have looked for a crib made in the USA lately, you will know that there aren’t many options.  Not to mention he had made it of sustainably forested birch plywood and the design was clean, modern and fun. It required no hardware to put together and the design was so intuitive that directions were almost unnecessary.   This first prototype was unfinished.  We later played with water-based paint colors and refined the detailing.  We had it tested and approved by the government for all crib safety standards and got to work on a business plan.  Here we are today!  We hope that you find this crib to be as user-friendly, beautiful and versatile as we needed it to be for ourselves.  It is all the amazingness of a travel crib/play pen, but an actual sturdy real crib, with a full size mattress.  Not those cardboard wrapped in a layer of foam things!  It can be used at home and at the grandparents’ house for continuity of sleep.  Happy sleeping!